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Watch Chef David Kinch of Manresa Make the Perfect Omelette

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The surprising secret to a perfectly shaped omelette.

Chef David Kinch of California's Manresa earned three Michelin stars with his artful, adventurous cooking — but as any great chef knows, the true test of a cook is how skillfully they can prepare eggs. In this video from the acclaimed PBS series Mind of a Chef, Kinch demonstrates his method for the perfect omelette.

Starting with eggs at room temperature — three whole eggs, plus one yolk for good measure — Kinch adds a bit of water before whisking them with a fork; he stresses using a fork to incorporate less air into the eggs than a whisk would. Without adding salt or any other seasoning, he throws a couple of pats of butter into a hot pan before adding the eggs. He keeps the eggs in constant motion, thrusting the pan back and forth while stirring them with a fork. His finishing touch? He coats the omelette with a touch of butter and sprinkles coarse sea salt on top. Et voilá: the perfect omelette, David Kinch-style.

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