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Plunge Into Texas in 60 Seconds with Barley Swine

The final video of the Austin series.

Austin chef Bryce Gilmore is all about Texas, which is evident with his two restaurants. The higher end Barley Swine fully embraces the Lone Star State’s bounty. It is with the restaurant's tasting menu where the James Beard Award nominee guides his diners through an authentic Austin experience full of very seasonal produce sourced from local farms and ranches. Catch it before the restaurant moves from its original location on South Lamar to Burnet into a bigger space. Here, watch Gilmore’s 14 course tasting menu.

Crab, apple, Trinidad pepper

Octopus, watermelon, yogurt

Butternut squash, pecan curd

Cured squash, seeds, feta

Shishito, fermented mushroom

Sweet potato, shrimp, pig skin

Red snapper, pinto miso butter, almond, radish

Sourdough bread, pickles

Wagyu, green papaya, avocado

Duck, boshi, potato

Apple, lemongrass, butter kin

Fig leather, St. Maure

Thai lime cannoli

Candy bar

Barley Swine [Closed]

2024 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78704 Visit Website