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Google Employees Will Soon Eat From a Fleet of Artisanal Food Trucks

And it's all free, of course.

Just one of 20 food trucks Google employees will be able to dine at.
Just one of 20 food trucks Google employees will be able to dine at.
The Whole Cart

Job perks abound when you work for tech giant Google — hello, massage chairs and sleep pods — and here's yet another one: Employees at the Mountain View, Calif. headquarters will soon be able to snag free lunch from a battalion of 20 food trucks parked on campus, reports Business Insider.

These will not be mere taco and coffee trucks, either: The company behind the trucks, a mobile catering venture called The Whole Cart, says all 20 are brand-new concepts intended to "fulfill Google's food standards — responsible sourcing, portion size, and a plant-centric diet — as well as uphold the artisanal culture food trucks are known for."

They include New York Delhi, which "fuses Indian cuisine with a New York deli" — think dishes like corned beef biryani — and Bubba Bing, which serves a mashup of Asian and Southern food, plus a farm-to-table truck called The Farm Box; many of the ingredients will be sourced from nearby organic farms. Sure beats the heck out of that dank deli in the basement of your office building.

Of course, fancy free lunches are nothing new for Google workers: The headquarters famously has more than two dozen cafes serving an array of different cuisines from sushi to Spanish tapas. Certainly no one who works at Google would ever have a need to utilize the tech giant's own food delivery service, which enables users to order food directly from search results.