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'Star Wars' Death Star Waffle Maker Is Real and It's No Moon

Waffle. Or do not waffle. There is no try.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a waffle maker shaped like the Death Star from Star Wars. From the distance, it looked like a moon.

But it is no moon. It is a waffle maker, perfect, as its seller writes, "for all your evil waffle-making needs." Do you have a tendency to over-cook your waffles? If you produce one that's on the on Dark Side, simply flip the waffle over, cover it in butter and maple syrup, and live to see another day in the galaxy. It's $39 and it would go well with the other nerdiest waffle maker on the market today.

[Photo: ThinkGeek]

[Photo: ThinkGeek]