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Watch: Scratch-Made vs. Store-Bought Thanksgivings

Is the extra effort worth it?

Is preparing Thanksgiving dinner completely from scratch — as in harvesting the cranberries, shooting the turkey, growing the potatoes, etc. — worth it when it's so easy to buy everything from the supermarket? Andy George and the folks at How to Make Everything attempted to answer that question in their latest video series.

Worried that "maybe the true meaning of Thanksgiving is lost on us," George set out to "discover how the pilgrims originally felt when they sat down to enjoy the fruits of hard labor." He took all the necessary and laborious steps to make a plate with roasted wild turkey, acorn bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy from the wild turkey drippings, and mashed potatoes from his garden. After cooking the feast, George and his friends compared it to the store-bought versions of each dish. The results are unsurprising.

Want to watch each step of George's journey to the ultimate from-scratch Turkey Day dinner? See the entire series of videos below.

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