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The Nine Most Insane Thanksgiving Turkey Disasters

Family, food, and fire.

For most Americans, Thanksgiving dinner is the most important part of the holiday. Families spend hours (sometimes days) in the kitchen to prepare the perfect feast to devour on the fourth Thursday in November. While for many, the day is uneventful, some are unfortunate enough to have their holiday turn into a disaster. That's when — if we're lucky — one member of the family capitalizes on the chaos and gets the whole thing on video. Today, we are thankful for the drama and those who remembered to film it. Enjoy the most entertaining Thanksgiving disasters caught on film:

1. Mom, You're Going to Want to Remember This

2. Is That Supposed to Be Happening?

3. Fire in the Hole

4. Watch Your Feet

5. That's One Slippery Bird

6. Is That Normal?

7. F*** the Turkey!

8. That's One Hot Turkey

9. Get Back in the Car!