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Drinking and Driving Is as Bad as Peas in Guacamole, Says DOT

Who knew the Arizona Department of Transportation had a sense of humor?


Long holiday weekends are everyone's favorite time of the year, but unfortunately they're also prime-time for drunk driving and DUIs. The Arizona Department of Transportation is resorting to some rather hilarious tactics in an effort to get people to drive sober this weekend:

"Peas & guac" of course refers to the recent uproar set off when the New York Times published a very Yankee guacamole recipe that contained green peas. The paper's blasphemous rendition of the beloved avocado dip even inspired a tweet from President Barack Obama, who condemned the recipe for its unnecessary addition of peas.

Reached for comment by Eater, a spokesperson for the ADOT confirms the authenticity of the clever sign, noting that it's running through the holiday weekend on ADOT’s overhead digital message boards. "We want to grab people’s attention in an unconventional way and get them talking about the message that impaired driving kills," a spokesperson says. "Plus #GuacGate is serious stuff around here."

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