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Fight Breaks Out at Checkers Over Bad Hot Dog

Everybody remain calm.


Jennifer Rider, a hot dog lover from Taveres, Fla. — located in the central part of the state — got a little bit upset when a Checkers' employee took too long to serve a hot dog and burger. Actually, WESH Orlando reports, she got more than a little bit upset: According to a police report, after being served a hot dog and hamburger in the drive-thru, Rider marched into the restaurant and screamed at the staff behind the counter. She apparently waited 10 minutes for her order. Rider then threw her credit card at the manager, who WESH says offered to make Rider a fresh hot dog. Instead, Rider found a pair of scissors and tried to cut or stab the manager.

It gets worse: Rider proceeded to knock a register off a counter and began to hit the Checkers' manager in the face. She attacked another employee, throwing a phone and anything else that was around. Employees smelled alcohol on Rider, who then tried to get in her car to drive away. When an employee tried to stop Rider from getting behind the wheel, she reportedly "hit him with her car door multiple times." This is about when the police arrived. A cup containing brown liquid that smelled like alcohol was found in Rider's car.

The Checkers' location in question is still closed following the incident. Police are charging Rider with aggravated assault, battery, criminal mischief, and disorderly intoxication. A child, shaking and wet, was found in Rider's car when police arrived; she is also being charged with child abuse. There's no excuse for Rider's crimes, but if she was hoping to get a decent meal maybe she shouldn't have gone to Checkers in the first place?

At least Rider didn't pull out a snake. That's the weapon one man in Saskatoon opted for last year when a restaurant got his sandwich order wrong.