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Where to Find White Truffles From Coast to Coast

Truffle season is peaking right now. Here's everything you need to know about this season's harvest.

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As is the unofficial fall tradition, chefs across the country are making it rain marbled white truffles shavings on everything from pasta to scallops to burgers. Prized for their earthy yet pungent aroma and unusual flavor, white truffles are also the most expensive of their mycological cousins due to the limited harvest season (September through December) and challenges associated with foraging them.

Weather can also affect the harvest. Unlike last year, this season's fungi are particularly rare due to an extremely hot and dry Italian summer, according to the New York Post. The shortage is creating a surge in price white truffles selling for as much as $2,000 per pound. In Seattle, chef Nathan Lockwood of Altura procured one of the largest Alba white truffles this year — a whopping 1.25 pounds — for $5,000. As the ingredient's price soars, some restaurants are opting to serve them at cost this year. For instance, the Chicago Tribune reports that Boka and Eataly's Il Tartufo pop-up are both offering competitive pricing for truffles (between $28 and $32 for four grams).

Though the season may be nearly over, there are still restaurants aplenty serving the treasured white truffle. Here's where to find them right now:

New York

Babbo Ristorante & Enotecca is serving a $99 lunch-only white truffle tasting menu with sunny-side up duck egg, agnolotti, grilled hanger steak, and olive oil cake with gelato. Wine pairings are $65. [More info]

B&B is shaving white truffles over burgers. [More info]

Washington D.C.

Bibiana Osteria & Enoteca is serving Tagliolini al Cacao, which is cocoa powder-infused Tagliolini, butter and Parmigiano-Reggiano, with the truffles served tableside. It's $50 for a half portion or $80 for a whole portion.

Dino's Grotto is offering three grams on any dish for $35 or a five-course tasting menu with six savory courses (plus a two-selection truffle cheese plate) for $79.

Fiola da Fabio Trabocchi is selling white truffles for $50 for three grams and $90 for six grams. They can be served over such dishes as risotto and gnocchi.

Masseria's four-course white truffle tasting menu is $165. Courses range from white truffle risotto to burrata with white truffle.

[More truffle tracking in Washington D.C.]


Lucia is offering items like tajarin pasta with Parmigiano-Reggiano topped with shaved white truffles this season. [More info]

[Flickr/T. Tseng]


Boka is offering white truffles at cost. Add four grams to any dish for $32 or eight grams for $64. [More info]

Eataly's Il Tartufo pop-up is serving Uovo in Camicia (poached egg, hollandaise sauce, crispy bacon, grilled rustic bread, and truffle) as well as Crespelle di Farina di Castagne (chestnut flower pancake, saba, whipped cream, and truffle) now through December 6. [More info]

Osteria Langhe is making it rain white truffles over sunny-side up duck eggs and housemade noodles. [More info]

Las Vegas

Restaurant Guy Savoy is serving a six-course prix fixe white truffle menu with items like pumpkin soup, truffle risotto, and roasted guinea hen for $430 per person. À la carte options are also available. [More info]

Le Cirque at Bellagio Las Vegas is offering a three to seven course prix fixe menu featuring Alba white truffles. The tubers are shaved over dishes of risotto, tagliatelle, diver scallops, scrambled eggs, and more. [More info]

Los Angeles

Valentino Santa Monica is serving a six-course white truffle menu through the entire season with dishes like egg ravioli, meat or fish over polenta, and porcini risotto. The cost is $295 per person. Alternatively, diners can bring in their own truffles and have them shaved over anything for $30. [More info]

Wally's Beverly Hills is serving an off-menu "truffle pocket" — a calzone that's usually filled with black truffles but can be upgraded to white for an additional $100.

Providence is preparing an omelet stuffed with white truffle for $125, or you can go the tasting menu route for $210. The cauliflower mousseline with uni is topped with white truffle.

Cliff's Edge is serving veal with added Alba white truffle for $55 throughout the season.

Sotto will add truffles to pasta, carne cruda, and more for around $50.

San Francisco

Acquerello's seasonal tasting menu is coming up white truffle. The chef is incorporating truffles into every dish from leek torta to gelato for $225. One can also find the pricey mushrooms on the prix fixe menu featuring tajarin with burro fuso and shaved white truffles. [More info]

Hakkasan San Francisco is shaving white truffle over scoops of ice cream, fried rice, crispy duck breast, and more.


The French Laundry's November tasting menu features white truffles shaved over parmesan risotto for a $175 supplement. [More info]

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