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Eater Seeks a National News Reporter & Editor. Is It You?

Want to write about restaurants for a living?

Are you obsessed with the business of restaurants and chefs? The trends in fast casual dining and menu layouts? The stock market as it applies to restaurant IPOs? The ups and downs of the nation's latest and greatest chain restaurants? Are you an ace reporter who loves to uncover stories and trends by any means necessary? Do you love cold calling for quotes, maintaining a broad network of sources, searching public records, diving through legal documents, scanning financial reports, and analyzing data?

If so, click over to this job posting and write us a paragraph about yourself (omitting stories of childhood food memories svp) and a paragraph about why you think you're right for the job. Please also include your resume, and if you've got a personal blog, Tumblr or Twitter, include links to those as well. If we like what we see, we'll follow up quickly.

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