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Watch a Preview for How to Make Everything's Take on Thanksgiving Dinner

The meal will probably be fairly expensive.

How to Make Everything host Andy George's enthusiasm for made-from-scratch knows no limits. He's already put together a sandwich that took six months of his time and cost $1,500, and then he concocted a root beer float that required 1,100 miles of travel and a budget of $900. Now comes his ultimate culinary DIY project: Thanksgiving dinner.

In this preview for the new How to Make Everything series, George explains his inspiration: "Traditionally, Thanksgiving was a celebration of the fall harvest. Presumably began by the pilgrims in 1621, the Thanksgiving feast was meant to give thanks for an abundance of food at a time when food wasn't always so plentiful. ... When you can walk to the store and find everything you need for your dinner table, maybe the true meaning of Thanksgiving is lost on us. "

In the series, George avoids any sort of processed, pre-made, or store-bought products and makes every dish completely from scratch in order to "discover how the pilgrims originally felt when they sat down to enjoy the fruits of hard labor." In addition to the preview, three videos on sugar beets, cranberries, and stuffing are already available on How to Make Everything's YouTube channel.

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