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Domino's New Push-Button Pizza Ordering Caters to the Laziest of Humans

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Tragically, it's not available in the U.S. yet.


For millennials, actually picking up the phone to order a pizza is simply preposterous — or so Domino's apparently thinks. The pizza chain has experimented with allowing customers to place an order simply by tweeting emojis — and now it's making the process even easier by introducing a "push for pizza" device called the Easy Button in the UK, reports The London Evening Standard.

The simple device, which comes packaged in a mini pizza box, seems to be modeled after Amazon's recently introduced Dash Buttons. Customers set up their ordering preferences in the Domino's mobile app, selecting what type of pizza they like as well as entering delivery and payment info. Then, whenever a craving for pizza strikes, one touch of the button places an order using the previously saved info.

Tragically, the Easy Button won't be available to just any slothlike pizza fan just yet: Instead, Domino's will launch a social media contest in December to determine which UK customers are worthy of receiving the first wave of buttons. However, the Domino's mobile app did just launch a new one-step order button that's available to everyone, including customers in the U.S. — though it's not nearly as futuristically cool as the Easy Button, it will probably get the job done for hungry couch-dwellers. (And hopefully it'll be quicker than ordering via emoji.)

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