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Watch Tasting Menu-Only Counter 3.Five.VII in 60 Seconds

Two tasting menus in a minute.

Austin’s Counter 3.Five.VII embraces the concept of the tasting menu so much that it only offers just that. There are only three, five, or seven course menus available at the counter-only restaurant, each carefully curated for the diners. Even more so, it is one of the first in Austin to have no tipping, along with no servers. Here, experience both of the innovative eatery’s five and seven course menus.

Five Course

Ora King Salmon
Okra, Onion, Purslane

Goat Tenderloin
Yogurt, Sunflower Pita, Squash

Saikyo Miso, Yuba, Garlic Chive

Lockhart Quail
Turnip, Apple, Brown Butter

Melon, Almond, Fermented Plum

VII Course

Red Verjus, Lemon, Olive

Salute Bay Oyster
Country Ham, Daikon, Korean Pepper

Santa Barbara Sea Urchin
Cornbread, Honey, Horchata

Chicken Larb
Huitlacoche, Cabbage, Sunflower

Hoja Santa, Curds, New Mexico Green Chili

Akaushi Brisket
Brassicas, Oxtail, Juniper

Tres Leche
Coconut, Matcha, Blueberry


315 Congress Ave Ste 100, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 291-3327