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Oreo Churros: A Reason to Live in This Cold, Dark World

Snacking will never be the same.

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Stop everything and go to your local grocery store because Oreo Churros are a reality in this, our one precious life. Yes, the brilliant innovators at Oreo have gone above and beyond this time, foregoing a simple flavor hack for, say pumpkin spice Oreos or caramel apple Oreos, in favor of a whole new product that matches the texture of a cake-y fritter with the black and white profile of an Oreo.

The Oreo Churro has existed in limited editions in the past, notably among the offerings at the California Churro Cart in Downtown Disney.

The new packaged Oreo Churros are deep chocolate crispy cake-like twists which are coated in sugar and stuffed with a fluffier version of Oreo's extremely sweet white cream center. The real question is, will you continue to split this sweet snack in half and lick out the center before dunking it in milk? It's an Oreo, and this is your life.