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Is Mike Huckabee's Entire Take on Politics Food-Based?

The Daily Show makes a strong case.

Last night on the Daily Show, host Trevor Noah made a very good point about presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee's particular... flavor of politics: "Whatever the topic, Mike Huckabee always brings up food." Noah points out that Huckabee's political analogies are all food-based. His plan for the Middle East includes a reasoning around how "it doesn't get better with age. This isn't cheese, this isn't beef. It's not wine. This is terrorism," which Noah notes sounds a lot like "the worst taste test ever."

Here's Huckabee's take on how congress plans to fix social security: "They're always saying we're going to fix this one day. No they're not. It's like a 400 pound man saying I'm going to go on a diet but I'm eating a sack of Krispy Kremes before I do." Incredulous, Noah asks, "A sack of Krispy Kremes? Is that even a thing?!" Watch the full clip, above, to hear more examples of Huckabee's bizarre brand of food politics.

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