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A Restaurant in Pittsburgh Dressed Up As 'Bob's Burgers' for Halloween

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With a Jimmy Pesto sandwich board across the street.

Pittsburgh restaurant The Vandal dressed up for Halloween as Bob's Burgers, Fox's 4-year-old cartoon series.

Thank you @itsadinardo and crew for showing everyone how it's done.

A photo posted by The Vandal (@thevandalpgh) on

The restaurant offered a menu of pun-tastic burgers and side dishes, like a Curryous George burger and an I'm a Slav For You burger. Restaurant workers got into the spirit by dressing as various characters.

Don't forget, this weekend, we will NOT be the Vandal! Make sure you try the "Cheez Wiz Khalifa" fries

A photo posted by The Vandal (@thevandalpgh) on

The restaurant even convinced the bar across the street, Industry Public House, to put up a sandwich board sign for Bob's Burgers' nemesis restaurant, Jimmy Pesto's.

All-in-all it was almost as good as that time Bob's Burgers took over four Fatburger locations across the country as part of a massive promotional push. The stunt, executed by the show's production company, involved a free burger giveaway, too. Yesterday, The Vandal hinted that employees may have had too much fun with their Halloween stunt.

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