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World's Biggest Baby Pelts Burger King Manager With Chicken Nuggets

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Fowl assault.

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The Burger King location at 2565 E. Euclid Ave. in Des Moines, Iowa
The Burger King location at 2565 E. Euclid Ave. in Des Moines, Iowa
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According to several news outlets, an angry customer at Burger King skipped the traditional comment card in favor of assault most fowl at a location in Des Moines, Iowa this past weekend. The Des Moines Register notes that a drive-thru customer entered the restaurant and threw "a bag of 10-piece nuggets and fries" at the back of the manager's head before launching into her complaints: "'You can give me my (expletive) money back because that (food) is cold,' she said after throwing the bag, according to the police report. The suspect then left the Burger King." The store manager was not hurt, police said.

KCCI Des Moines reports, "After the suspect left the restaurant, police located a vehicle matching witness descriptions parked in a driveway, but no one answered the door. Footage is being reviewed before a warrant is filed for arrest." When asked to comment on the incident, a manager answering the phone at the BK location told Eater, "I can't respond to that, I'll get in trouble." Burger King corporate communications is currently looking into the matter.

Why can't it all be happy Burger-King weddings in Des Moines? According to the Register, in the last year another fast food chicken assault took place, this one of a more serious nature: "Marvin Tramaine Hill II, 21, was charged with simple domestic assault causing bodily injury in December when he smashed a McChicken sandwich from McDonald's into his wife's face and broke her nose."

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