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Glimpse Into Qui’s Playful Tasting Menu in 60 Seconds

Take a tour of Qui’s menu in a minute.

Paul Qui’s namesake Austin flagship is home to experimentation, where he and his chefs constantly seek out new and different ways to explore food. This is on full display with Qui's the ticketed tasting room, where the team endeavors to create elevated dishes inspired by unusual ingredients, techniques, and textures. Guests end up with memorable concoctions like desserts made with pregnant ants, implementing versions of David Chang's cooking techniques in Texas manners, to fruit crudo. Here, watch a selection from Qui’s current tasting menu.

frozen Iberico mezcal meringue, sal de gusano, jamon iberico de bellota

watermelon, koji, green tea

kanpachi belly, binchotan, smoked soy

aged mussels, jamon iberico consomme jelly

grilled peaches, xo

smoked baby tomato, pecorino brodo, mackerel garum, arugula

fermented beets, Broken Arrow antelope 'katsuoboshi,' black vinegar, amaranth

koshihikari arroz negro, smoked hill country quail

smoked wagyu short rib, sakura no ha, nukozuke pickles

sweet corn pudding, masa ice cream, hormigas culonas

apple matcha ice, cucumber, wood sorrel, chocolate menthol

Qui [Closed]

1600 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702 (512) 436-9626 Visit Website