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Gimme a Break: Japan Has Kit Kats Covered in Real Gold

Imagine if Willy Wonka's golden ticket had been edible.

Nestle Japan

If Kit Kat-stuffed croissants aren't rich enough for you, how about a bitter chocolate version of the classic candy covered in edible gold leaf? Nestle Japan's Kit Kat Chocolatory stores recently welcomed their one millionth visitor, and to commemorate the milestone and the upcoming new year the company is selling 500 limited-edition golden Kit Kat bars for 2,016 Yen each — just over $16 at current exchange rates, a steal for true believers.

Kit Kat's Japanese fans are blessed with (subjected to?) dozens of unusual flavors of the treat, including such gems as soy sauce, soy flour, and "Exotic Tokyo," which incorporates passion fruit, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, black currant, and pepper into milk chocolate. As with most of these iterations, the gold-coated version will not be sold in the U.S., surely a major disappointment to Americans who are heavily investing in the precious metal. What do we have to do to earn your bizarre love, Nestle?