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Truck Full of Domino's Pizza Dough Crashes, Dough Rises Across Road

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Oh, dough.

It was a sticky situation in Indianapolis this morning: A semi-truck carrying hundreds of individual balls of pizza dough crashed into a highway overpass, spilling rising dough across the road. A video from the Associated Press shows dirty dough balls covering the street. The top of the truck peeled off, exposing blue bins full of dough. Workers had to peel spilled dough off of the truck's tires, street, and nearby infrastructure.

Watch the footage, below:

The road beneath the bridge was closed so crews could clean up the mess. According to the Indy Channel, no injuries were reported. Domino's did not confirm whether or not nearby locations were closed due to the delay in this dough delivery. Sadly, this crash did not happen anywhere near where a truck carrying a load of cheese crashed and burned in England last year. Related: A few months ago, a truck carrying tomatoes was involved in a crash in California, but did not yield a saucy highway mess.