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Is This the Strongest Coffee in the World?

People say it makes you feel high.

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Death Wish Coffee/Official

When people ask, "Do you have a death wish?" they're usually not referring to coffee, but one coffee shop owner in upstate New York has been trying to change that with his blend, Death Wish Coffee. After seven years in the business, Mike Brown, owner of Saratoga Coffee Traders, is promoting what he says is the "world's strongest coffee." After spending weeks testing and tasting a variety of different coffees, Brown found a way to combine a special roasting process and the correct blend of beans to create what he says is the strongest coffee out there.

Courtesy of Death Wish Coffee

[Photo: Death Wish Coffee/Official]

The company promises that each cup contains twice the amount of caffeine as an average cup of coffee. Death Wish Coffee also promises that the strength of the coffee does not kill its flavor. Produced in Round Lake, New York, all of the company's coffees are also certified organic and fair trade. Death Wish Coffee is available in one, two, and five-pound bags ($19.99/$37.99/$79.99) with the option of ground or whole beans. It's also available in single serving cups.

Death Wish Coffee isn't new, but it remains the only blend promising to be the strongest in the world. In 2013, a reporter at the Huffington Post declared the brew strong — he said he felt "high" after just one cup — but said the coffee's flavor was lackluster: "palatable without sugar or milk."