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The 11 Best Lines From GQ's Profile of Guy Fieri the Winemaker

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Guy Fieri wants to earn your respect.

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Guy Fieri, he of the platinum blonde, flamed hair; he of the diners, drive-ins, and dives; he of the refined, classy wine label. Er, what? Yes, Fieri has been making wine, and GQ's Drew Magary gets a one-on-one with the man best known for his over-the-top antics and big-haired rocker lifestyle. Here are the best lines from the multi-page profile. Don't miss the photo of Fieri biting the cork off a bottle of red.

— Fieri on what he feeds the family's pet tortoise: "Hot, steamy, fresh dog shit. It is the foie gras of the turtle."

— Magary on Fieri feeding his pet tortoise dog shit: "And if you’re looking for a metaphor of how the food-and-wine establishment views Guy Fieri, it’s hard to top a man who feeds dog shit to slow-moving animals and calls it foie gras."

— Fieri on Pete Wells' famed zero-star review of his Times Square restaurant: "He could’ve made such a great comment. But he dropped down to third grade and said every mean, vile thing that he could say and discredited himself."

— Magary on Fieri's wine label, Hunt & Ryde, being almost unidentifiable as a Fieri product: "There are no flame decals. No skulls. The Cabernet blend is not called KICKIN’ KAB."

— Fieri on Anthony Bourdain cracking jokes at his expense: "You have nothing else to fucking worry about than if I have bleached hair or not? I mean, fuck."

— Magary on Fieri's impressive sports car collection: "Fieri has many other cars, each with its own vanity plate: FOOD FYT, CADLAQ, LIVFAST, BLKTRFL, etc."

— Magary on things people might be surprised to learn about Fieri: "... If you close your eyes and listen to Fieri speak, he doesn’t sound so different from the chefs and the foodies who so gleefully despise him. He composts. He hates soda. He doesn’t like hunting. He doesn’t even like fried food all that much ... Every fifth word out of his mouth is 'sustainable.'''

— Fieri on why he's not slapping his name all over his wine label, Hunt & Ryde: "It’d just be too much about me, not about the wine. The wine will speak for itself. I want it to be appreciated. If all the hard work got shadowed by ‘It’s a celebrity wine,’ then that to me is a real disappointment."

— Magary on Fieri's cooking: "Did I eat it? I did. Was it good? Of course it was. Is this transcendent food? No, but it wasn't meant to be. Guy Fieri isn’t capable of making high-end cuisine and has zero interest in trying."

— Magary on his preconceived notions of Fieri's wine: "Will it be delicious? Will it be terrible? Will it have ribbons of peanut butter in it? Can Guy Fieri overcome his own BODACIOUSNESS and shock everyone by making a subtle, classy wine?"

— Magary on Fieri's dining habits: "Fieri rarely dines out for pleasure. He prefers to cook at home or eat at his own restaurants ('I love going to Tex Wasabi’s'). He is his own ideal customer — a man in love with his own middlebrow food."

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