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Want to Make a Root Beer Float From Scratch? All It Takes Is $900 and 1,100 Miles

That's not too much to ask, right?

The guy who made the sandwich with every single ingredient from scratch is back. This time, he's taking on an American classic: the root beer float. Andy George of fantastic Internet series How to Make Everything does just that, collecting all the necessary ingredients to make both root beer and ice cream before combining them in a mug and consuming. The project is a little cheaper than George's sandwich attempt, which cost $1,500 and took six months.

When he finally took a bite of his sandwich, George was a little underwhelmed: "It's not bad. That's about it." But this time around, he has a success on his hands: "Oh wow, I think I actually made something that tastes good." Get a quick recap of the adventure via the above video, or if you want to take in the entire process and learn how to make your own root beer float from scratch, watch the series in its entirety.

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