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The Next Emoji Update Might Include PANCAKES

Breakfast fans and shorthand texters, rejoice.


Taco emoji is here, and that's great. But what comes next? There's already been discussion of a number of new food emojis in the next Unicode update, from bacon and avocado to paella and flatbread. Now, a few more candidates are under consideration, according to an announcement from the Unicode Consortium.

New to the list of emoji contenders are egg, glass of milk, peanuts, and kiwifruit. Those are all fine and good, but there's one more candidate that's the real blockbuster: pancakes. An initial look at the emoji shows a short stack in all of its buttery, syrupy beauty. America needs the pancake emoji, Unicode, please don't let this country down.

Food Emojis November 12

The next batch of emojis that will make its way to operating systems will be announced in mid-2016, according to the Unicode Consortium. There are 74 new candidates being considered, but some may be removed from the candidate list, and others could be added. Stay tuned.