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Here's Guy Fieri Tossing Autographed Lean Cuisines to Adoring Fans

This party is totally out of bounds.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Guy Fieri: reality TV show champion, reality TV show host, chef, restaurateur, author, human bowling shirt mannequin. The man wears many hats, and because of that he has a legion of adoring fans who would saw off a limb just to share a serving of donkey sauce with the spiky-haired icon. Guy knows how much his fans care, and he doesn't forget to give back.

Just look at this Vine. There Guy is, in all his bleach-blonde glory. Surrounded by a crowd of loyal followers, he does what any hero would do: toss autographed boxes of Lean Cuisine into the mass of humanity.

Look at him, bobbing his head to the music and calling fans out. Guy knows his level of celebrity is in the stratosphere — he's the mayor of Flavortown, after all — and he's loving every minute of it. Those signed frozen dinners will no doubt end up in the Smithsonian some day.

It's Guy's world, and we're all just living in it.