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God-Awful Restaurant's Sandwich Menu Celebrates Domestic Violence

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This restaurant is the worst.

Today in news that will surely make you hate humanity a little bit more, a restaurant in Pakistan has come under fire for its egregiously awful menu that salutes world-famous abusers of women. Not only are Table No. 5's sandwiches named after garbage celebrities, but the restaurant's entire marketing campaign revolves around the idea of women being subservient to men and the old "make me a sandwich" trope.

Terrible Table No. 5 marketing

Some of Table No. 5's terrible Facebook ads. [Table No. 5/Facebook]

The menu includes sandwiches named after Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown, Sean Penn, Bill Cosby, and Mike Tyson. It isn't clear if the odd spellings are an attempt by the restaurant to avoid lawsuits, or if its menu designer's spelling skills are as terrible as their worldview.

Eater has reached out to Table No. 5 for comment. A delusional representative for the restaurant told BuzzFeed, "Table No. 5's brand revolves around sandwich jokes! It's all in good fun and that's what we truly believe in! This whole ‘rapist' stuff was never our intention."

Perhaps the people behind Table No. 5 went to the same school of comedy as the folks who created the ridiculous oral sex-themed wine advertisements that have been banned in the United Kingdom.