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Shake Shack Is Hiking Menu Prices to Support Higher Wages

Your burger and fries will soon be (a tiny bit) pricier.

Shake Shack/Flickr

Shake Shack's burgers and crinkle fries are about to get a little more expensive. BuzzFeed reports Shake Shack "plans to increase prices again at the beginning of 2016, likely a low single-digit percent hike."

As menu prices go up, so too will employees' wages: The chain is planning pay increases to stay ahead of rising minimum wages across the country. Shake Shack already pays its workers above minimum wage, and will continue to do so; employees in Washington, D.C. currently earn $12 an hour (minimum wage is currently $10.50), and in Texas, where the minimum wage is just $7.25, Shack workers are paid $11 an hour.

The price increase will be the third in a little more than a year, BuzzFeed notes; menu prices rose by three percent in both September 2014 and January 2015.

Shake Shack isn't the first major chain to raise prices in response to minimum wage increases: Following San Francisco's recent minimum wage hike, the city's Chipotle locations increased menu prices by up to 14 percent. Of course, none of this is exactly unforeseen: A recent study by Purdue indicated that a $15 minimum wage hike for fast food workers would result in prices going up by 4.3 percent across the board. But slightly more expensive fries may not be enough to shoulder the burden: Shake Shack "expects labor costs to rise faster than the upcoming menu price hike can compensate for," says BuzzFeed.

Meanwhile, Shake Shack's booming international expansion continues: The burgermeisters are preparing to open their first Japan location this weekend. Located in Tokyo's famed Meiji-Jingu Gaien park, it will mimic the Shack's original outpost in NYC's Madison Square Park.