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McDonald’s New Digital Menu Boards Suggest Meals According to the Weather

Who needs The Weather Channel when McDonald's menu can tell the temperature?

David Paul Morris/Getty Images

McDonald's apparently noticed that people are really into eating seasonally these days — but for the world's second largest fast food chain, the eerily green Shamrock shake served every March is about as seasonal as it gets. Instead, says Business Insider, the McRib slinger has decided to install new digital menu boards that recommend meals based on the weather.

"It can monitor temperature outside and it will know which products sell better at hotter or colder temperatures and promote those products," Business Insider quotes McDonald's US President Mike Andres as saying. For instance, when it's 100 degrees out, the menu might suggest a McFlurry; when it's the dead of winter, the digital menu board may instead push lattes. What's the proper weather in which to enjoy a McRib, anyway — and which McNugget sauce is best suited to a balmy summer day?

Stay tuned: The digital menu boards will be rolled out to all U.S. locations by the end of 2016. Andres also said "customers ended up spending more on every transaction in restaurants where the new menu boards were tested in Canada," and the chain can probably use all the help it can get right now: It's just beginning to emerge from a years-long sales slump.