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Watch Anthony Bourdain, Bill Murray, and Sean Brock Pal Around at Husk in Charleston

Talk about a holy trinity.

In this week's episode of Parts Unknown, host Anthony Bourdain visits Charleston, S.C., mecca for the modern Southern food boom. In this preview, Bourdain visits Sean Brock's Husk, where he shares a table with the chef and American film legend Bill Murray, who happens to be part owner of a minor league baseball team in the Holy City. The trio discusses Southern culture and why the South matters today.

Murray is a fan of his adopted home, but he doesn't want to gush about it too much: "I'm right on the edge here of telling people this is a really nice place to come. Really, I don't want anyone else to come. I like it the way it is." Meanwhile Brock, the resident Southerner of the group, explains why people outside the region should care about the South.

"If you look at the history of food in America, there's no denying that Southern food was the first true cuisine that had this foundation, and that's important to preserve," Brock says. "To me, though, it kind of goes back to the idea that you should be cooking and celebrating and preserving the food of your grandmother."

Parts Unknown Charleston airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CNN.