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McDonald's has been testing sweet potato fries in Texas, but the mega-chain has another side in mind for a national launch in 2016. McDonald's US president Mike Andres told investors Tuesday the company will begin selling mozzarella sticks across the country next year, writes Business Insider. Mickey D's has been testing the new menu item in a few specific markets up to this point.

Appropriately, Wisconsin McDonald's outposts got the first taste of the chain's mozzarella sticks over the summer, per Fox 6 Milwaukee. They're part of a "Lovin' Value Menu" that was introduced at 125 locations in the state.

A manager at a Milwaukee-area McDonald's tells Eater the test run for mozzarella sticks has been a success: "They have been a very popular item since we have had them on our menu, so yes, I would say that they have increased our sales." The restaurant has been selling three mozzarella sticks for a dollar as an a la carte side. The sticks aren't offered as part of value meals because they're already priced lower than french fries.

The new side is the latest step in McDonald's menu evolution. In addition to the sweet potato fries trial run and big rollout of all-day breakfast last month, the chain is targeting Shake Shack and other higher-end chains with fancy burgers in the U.K..