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Opulent London Apartments Come Complete With Burger Elevators

Get food delivered without even getting out of bed.

Gatti House

How do you know when you've truly made it? When you have a dumbwaiter that deliveries burgers and fries directly to your bedroom, obviously. According to The Guardian, that absurd fantasy has become a reality for the proud new owners of four ultra-expensive apartments — er, flats — in London, each of which recently sold for between ‎3.5 million and ‎5.5 million pounds (about 5.3 to 8.4 million dollars).

Real estate in London is famously pricey, outdoing even New York and San Francisco, and the Gatti House building takes luxury seriously: The four apartments are outfitted with features like heated floors, intelligent lighting, and Gaggenau appliances. Most important, though, are the dumbwaiters located in each flat's master bedroom which enable the residents to get food delivered. The Daily Mail says the food lifts are serviced by "the famous Nell Gwynne Tavern in Bull Inn Court nearby or burger joint Byron downstairs," meaning residents can get nachos, fancy Welsh rarebit burgers, milkshakes, and fries without even putting pants on to answer the door.

Food delivery apps are all the rage these days, but dumbwaiter service? Now that's seriously baller. Of course, if burgers and fries aren't impressive enough for hungry Gatti House residents, there's a recently launched London startup that's delivering meals from Michelin-starred restaurants.