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Like Your Coffee Black? Congratulations, You Could Be a Psychopath

A new study points to a link between a taste for bitter foods and "malevolent personality traits."

Porsche Brosseau/Flickr

A new study claims to have evidence that people with a taste for coffee are more likely to be psychopaths. According to Yahoo, "Psychology researchers at Innsbruck University in Austria found that people who expressed a preference for bitter tastes (like coffee) were more likely to be vain, sadistic and enjoy manipulating and hurting others."

The researchers surveyed nearly 1,000 people for the study (PDF warning), split into two groups: students and prison inmates. The groups self-reported on their taste preferences and also completed personality questionnaires. The researchers claim that the recently published study "provide[s] the first empirical evidence for the hypothesis that bitter taste preferences are linked to malevolent personality traits," particularly "everyday sadism and psychopathy." There, now you know why your evil boss likes black coffee so much.

The researchers also included other items like tonic water, radishes, and celery in their grouping of bitter foods, so it's probably time to start pre-screening your Tinder dates for their cocktail and vegetable preferences. Recently, another study revealed that toddlers in Boston drink a surprising amount of coffee, so what does that say about the state of America's youth?

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