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Burger-King Wedding Results in 30 Years of Blissful, Whopper-Laden Matrimony

Burger King did not pay for this couple's wedding, however.


Joel Burger and Ashley King — the couple that received a free fast food-themed wedding from Burger King — isn't the first couple to share a moniker with the Whopper-slinging chain. According to MLive, 31 years ago, long before Joel and Ashley made headlines, Jackson, Mich. resident Diana King placed a letter in the local newspaper, as one did in the pre-Tinder world, "just looking for a friend." Robert Burger replied and the pair ended up falling in love.

Burger and King, who both had children from previous relationships, wed on October 5, 1985, essentially forming the Burger-King family. Burger notes, "Bringing our families together was pretty similar to the 'Brady Bunch,' only we're the Burger Bunch." While Joel and Ashley received a number of gifts from Burger King for their nuptials — the chain provided BK cufflinks for the groomsmen, custom mason jars for the reception, and even gift cards for the guests — Robert and Diana had trouble getting a few paper crowns for their wedding. Burger tells the news site: "Some friends tried getting crowns and napkins from the local Burger King for the wedding but were turned away."

While Joel and Ashley are now Mr. and Mrs. Burger, Robert and Diana kept their last names. The couple has embraced the Burger-King name and the jokes that come with it. Burger says that she is now known as "Grandma Cheeseburger." The fast food chain also happens to be one of the couple's favorites: Burger always orders a Whopper Jr. while King "sticks with the classic whopper." Aww, it's a match made in fast food heaven. A spokesperson for Burger King tells Eater that the chain has reached out to the couple, but they have not responded yet.