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Watch Gabrielle Hamilton Whip Up Eggs Benedict

It's a brunch staple done right.

Nothing says "brunch" like eggs Benedict, and Gabrielle Hamilton, this season's star of Mind of a Chef, knows how to put the Sunday morning staple together. In this video, Hamilton prepares the dish and explains how it should be done. Her No. 1 goal is making the Hollandaise sauce with plenty of pop: "The only key to success is making sure there's enough acid to receive all that fat. ... I prefer to make the sauce highly seasoned — bright with lemon, warm from the cayenne, perfectly salty."

As for the reason to offer brunch service at Prune, Hamilton admits it's all about cash flow: "I started brunch, frankly, to make some money. We have the engine of a 65-seat restaurant with only 30 seats. So brunch became a pretty obvious way to offset being in the hole all the time."