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Coravin Wine System Launches New, Sleeker Model

It's called the Model Two.


Coravin — the company behind the revolutionary device that allows wine to be poured by the glass without having to remove the cork — has a new model on the market. Hopefully, this one will not cause issues with exploding bottlesAccording to a press release, the company met with "home users, sommeliers, and wine makers" around the globe to find ways to make improvements to the original device. The results of the company's research are found in the cleverly dubbed Corvin Model Two.

The Model Two, which retails for $329.95, has a newer, thinner needle that lets the device pour wine at a 20 percent faster rate, and it locks into place so that the bottle does not leak. The Model Two has new clamps as well. Each clamp has textured grips to ensure the device has a "secure hold" on every bottle. The gadget also features new technology that makes sure there is a "tight seal every time between the device and the gas capsule." Plus, it has a sleeker design with brushed metal accents.

The first version of the Coravin was recalled last summer following multiple reports of wine bottles shattering during use of the device. Regardless, the recall didn't appear to have much of an economic impact on the company which still managed to snag $13 million in funding in June.