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Jimmy Fallon's Giant Pez Dispenser Doles Out Instant Ramen

It's a genuine Fallonvention.

Last night on the Late Show, host Jimmy Fallon invited Ann Makosinski, a young inventor, onto the stage to demonstrate her latest creation. Called eDrink, the contraption solves two problems familiar to most teenagers: 1) Devices (mobile phones, tablets) that lose battery power too quickly; and 2) Coffee drinks that are too hot to consume immediately. Makosinski's invention impressed Fallon, but then he revealed his own handy work: A giant Minion Pez dispenser. When you flip back the Minion's head, it gently doles out a package of instant ramen. Fallon explains to Makosinski: "Your coffee mug might save the world, but this is solving a problem that doesn't exist yet."