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Story Coffee Company/Facebook

The tiny house movement has become a booming trend among millennials in recent years, and fancy coffeeshops have long been destinations for young people. Now, the two concepts are coming together: Someone is opening a tiny coffeeshop in Colorado Springs, Col., writes Sprudge, which may be the world's first such venture.

How tiny is a tiny coffeeshop? Once it opens in the next month or so, Story Coffee Company will operate out of a 20-by-8-foot structure, cramming all of its equipment into a 6-foot space and leaving a roomy 14 feet for customers. Story's Facebook page notes there will be a walk-up window in case the shop gets too crowded, which, yeah, that might be an issue from time to time. The project comes from Don and Carissa Niemyer, former owners of Speedboat Coffee in Portland, Ore., and their business partners Brandon and Kelly Noffsinger. Story plans to pour coffees from roasters across America, from small start-ups to more established names, according to the official website.

With more and more independent coffee brands being scooped up by huge companies, perhaps Story will keep the idea of the small coffeeshop and roaster alive — and in a much more literal sense.