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The Ricebox as advertised.
The Ricebox as advertised.

Fast food rarely looks as good in real life as it does on TV, because that's what happens when you swap professional food stylists for apathetic drive-thru employees. Nevertheless, some folks in the UK are miffed that their new KFC Riceboxes aren't living up to the aesthetic standards of the company's glossy advertisements.

KFC RiceBox

Photo: atheistlee/Reddit via Imgur

A disgruntled Redditor posted a side-by-side comparison of what KFC advertises versus what he actually got, and the difference is pretty startling: The ad depicts a fried chicken breast atop a bed of rice, studded with colorful bits of lettuce, salsa, and a neat drizzle of sauce. The IRL version looks like, well, a dog's breakfast, and the portion of rice seems more like a garnish.

According to the Independent, a KFC spokesperson admitted it was not accurate: "Clearly this Ricebox was not served as it should have been and we are in contact with the customer to apologize."

Some people on the internet seem to have less lofty expectations for fast food, at least:

Maybe KFC should abandon the whole Ricebox venture and instead focus their efforts on mind blowing innovations like the Double Down and the fried chicken crust pizza. At any rate, the Ricebox scandal pales in comparison to KFC's recent fried rat debacle, though that was quickly proved to be a hoax.

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