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Why McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Makes Stephen Colbert Angry

"I'm pissed."

Comedian Stephen Colbert admitted last night on The Late Show that he is very upset about McDonald's new all-day breakfast. "I just found out something that has rocked me to my core... This is the sort of news that changes a man," he quipped. Colbert says he no longer has any motivation to get out of bed before 10:30 a.m.: "I had to get there before 10:30 to get my meat and my cheese on a muffin, because if I didn't make it on time, what then? Meat and cheese on a slightly different type of bread? That's no way to start your day." However, now that the Egg McMuffin is available at anytime (unless you live in the Southeast), it is "chaos." Colbert declared: "Tear up your history books and live in a cave! Nothing means anything anymore. We used to have rules."