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Watch Andrew Zimmern Eat Stone Soup in Croatia on 'Bizarre Foods'

Mmm, rocks.

Adventurous diner and frequent testicle eater Andrew Zimmern returned to the Travel Channel last week for the ninth season of Bizarre Foods. The second episode, which airs tonight, takes Zimmern to Croatia, where he dines on an unusual but traditional dish: Stone soup.

After the stones, which are gathered from the ocean, are used to flavor the soup, the cook then uses them for a garnish — creating what Zimmern dubs "a beach landscape in a bowl," and something that wouldn't look out of place at say, Noma.

The remaining episodes of the season will take Zimmern to Paris, Dubai, Kazakhstan, San Antonio, and more. Do note that Bizarre Foods' airtime has changed: It now airs Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.