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Help Wanted for Eater's International Expansion

We're hiring in London, Mexico, and beyond.

Once again, the Eater universe is expanding. While we have the dynamic food landscape of the United States (and Montreal, Canada) pretty well documented across 24 local city sites and the main site, much of the world still lacks the intense, on-the-ground restaurant world coverage Eater is known for. We’re taking steps to fix that.

In 2016, Eater will launch editions in London and Mexico City and will hire an international editor dedicated to thriving restaurant scenes around the globe. For London and Mexico City, we’re looking for restaurant-obsessed locals who can run the sites. That includes writing, reporting, editing, breaking news, and creating servicey guides to those dining capitals. For the international reporter/editor gig, we’re looking for someone tapped into what’s going on in the international culinary scene, someone who can break news, contribute in-depth analysis, and with the help of contributors, create guides to important international culinary destinations.

Want to learn more? Head over this way to apply: