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Cheerios Recalled for Not Actually Being Gluten-Free; Paula Deen's Diet Advice

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Plus, Burger King shutters all of its locations in Costa Rica.

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— Oops. General Mills is recalling millions of boxes of Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios. Turns out the cereal — which GM advertises is gluten-free — might actually contain some gluten thanks to a flour-related incident at one of its production facilities. The cereal was produced during two weeks in July, and if a box contains one of the "Better if Used By" dates affected, General Mills is asking customers to call 1-800-775-8370.

— Professional butter queen Paula Deen says that dropping 40 pounds is what inspired her to join Dancing With the Stars this season. But don't accuse her of dieting: "I hate the word diet... because you automatically start out feeling deprived and beaten. My favorite word in my new lifestyle is moderation. You know, we can have a cookie. It's that other five that we have that do the damage."

— Asparagus water slinger Whole Foods recently announced that it would stop selling goat cheese and tilapia from a supplier that uses prison labor. Prison reform advocacy groups had been pressuring the chain to drop the products, saying that the inmates are paid poorly. However, one of the suppliers, Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy, is defending its practices and claims that the inmates are "actually earning more than minimum wage workers in Colorado," where the inmates are based. The company adds that the program offers inmates "new skills and rehabilitation."

— The team behind Paris' two Michelin-starred restaurant Le Taillevent is opening a sister restaurant in London on October 21. Les 110 de Taillevent —  which is a brasserie — is now taking reservations.

— A bit of American ingenuity heads to France:

— As part of Chick-fil-A's expansion spree, the chain is opening its first location on Long Island tomorrow. However, people started lining up earlier today to be one of the first 100 people in line which gets them the honor (or curse?) of free food for a year.

— You can have it your way, unless you live in Costa Rica: Burger King shuttered all 29 of its restaurants in Costa Rica today. Now, over 400 people are out of work. The chain says that the decision was due to "a lack of agreement on how to operate the local franchisee."