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Bud Light's New Smart Fridge Tells Bros When Beer Is Running Low

It's called the Bud-E Fridge.


Here's the perfect present for that frat bro on your holiday gifting list: Bud Light has invented a new smart fridge that lets users know if they are running low on beer. According to a press release, the Bud-E Fridge is supposedly the "first-of-its-kind smart home beer fridge" that is connected to a user's smart phone. The fridge lets users view "real-time information" including the number of cans and bottles the fridge contains, as well as when the drinks will reach "the optimal temperature."

The fridge, which holds 78 beers at a time, lets sports fanatics program their favorite teams into the app. The app then lets users know how many beers they have in the fridge close to game days so that fans have time to replenish. If supplies are low, users don't have to head to a store: They instead are able to order Bud Light for home delivery in a number of cities through beer-delivery service Saucey, which is integrated into the app. There is no information regarding whether or not the fridge can be used with other beers that are not Bud Light. And sorry Bud-loving bros across the country, the Bud-E Fridge is currently only available in California, so you'll have to head there to acquire one.

Perhaps soon the beer company will roll the fridge out to other parts of the country but until then, residents in Washington, DC can still have Bud Light delivered to them via an app. Earlier this year, the company launched the Bud Light Button, which lets resident in the DC-area have anywhere from one to 100 cases of Bud Light delivered to their door within an hour. Watch a video about the fridge below: