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Extremely Rude Customer Throws Hot Soup at Restaurant Owner

She was upset at the size of the soup.

Pine Garden/Facebook

If you need a lesson on how to be a jerk, definitely call up the customer who threw a hissy fit (and her soup) at restaurant employees in Springfield, Mo. According to WSMV 4, the customer ordered hot and sour soup from Pine Garden Restaurant for take out last week. When she picked up her food, she complained that she had ordered a larger container of soup than she had been given. However, it turns out, the restaurant only sells one size of soup.

ABC 13 notes that the owner of the restaurant, who is simply identified as Po, offered to give the customer a refund if she brought in her receipt. The customer instead decided that the best course of action would be to throw the hot soup at Po, burning the owner and making a mess all over the restaurant. The awful customer then fled the scene. A surveillance camera captured the whole incident on tape. While the restaurant employees were unable to get the customer's name, they did manage to get the license plate number of her car and police say the customer "could be charged with assault."

Unfortunately, this is not the first time an angry customer has acted out violently against restaurant employees. Earlier this summer, a man punched a McDonald's worker in the face because he was told that the restaurant had run out of double cheeseburgers. Taco Bell has dealt with angry customers as well: Last year, a teen got into an argument with an employee at a location in Florida and then proceeded to throw a "soda cup filled with hot sauce" at the worker's face. The customer was banned for life. Watch the customer throw the hot and sour soup below:

WSMV Channel 4