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Marco Pierre White Stars in New Cooking Competition Series 'Humble Pie'

It premieres in the UK October 16.

Marco Pierre White and Melanie Skyes.
Marco Pierre White and Melanie Skyes.

British celebrity chef and bouillon cube shill Marco Pierre White will star in a new cooking show. According to the Daily Mail, Pierre White and model Melanie Sykes are set to play judge and host respectively on Humble Pie. Like seemingly every other food show on TV today, Humble Pie is a competition series. The eight episode show is billed as "where poker meets food."

A press release notes that Humble Pie will "test enthusiastic amateurs' culinary skills and self-belief." In each episode four competitors are given three cooking challenges in the Humble Pie kitchen. They are competing for a grand prize of £2,500 ($3,792 USD). After each round, the cooks must "ruthlessly critique each others dishes" and judge them from best to worst — Pierre White makes the final decision. Before the decision is announced, competitors are given the chance to "cash out," or leave with a small amount of money if they think their dish is going to be rated the worst. Or, they can stay in the game but "risk going home empty-handed." Humble Pie premieres October 16 in the UK.

Pierre White — whose memoir is being turned into a movie — is no stranger to television. He currently serves as a co-host on MasterChef Australia: The Professionals and has made special appearances on other international spin-offs of the Masterchef series. Watch a trailer for Humble Pie below: