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Coffee Takeover: Twitter Reacts to Peet's Acquisition of Intelligentsia

Some coffee drinkers are more excited than others.

Intelligentsia Coffee/Facebook

This morning California-based coffee giant Peet's dropped the bomb that it had acquired a majority stake in Intelligentsia Coffee, the cultishly adored Chicago-based roaster. It comes just on the heels of Peet's purchase of Portland, Ore. hipster icon Stumptown Coffee, which was announced only three weeks ago.

Peet's director of marketing told Eater this morning the company intends to continue business as usual at Intelligentsia, but nonetheless, third-wave coffee devotees are getting awfully nervous as they watch their favorite roasters get snapped up by a big corporation.

Here's a look at all the acquisition-related murmurings going down on Twitter today:

Tony Konecny, founder of the L.A.-based coffee subscription service Tonx, thinks the move makes business sense:

Journalist Jim Romenesko seizes the opportunity to crack on Peet's social media game:

The move has left a bad taste in the mouth of at least one Twitter user:

One person takes solace in the fact that at least coffee roaster Counter Culture remains indie:

A few Intelligentsia fans are congratulatory, yet concerned about the fate of their favorite roaster:

Others simply wonder about a potential portmanteau of a name:

At least one person is heralding it as a possible sign of the apocalypse: