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Baseball may currently be on the forefront of the intense competition between New York and Kansas City, but the two cities also have a deep-rooted food rivalry that dates back to the 1800's: Is it a New York or Kansas City strip steak? New York's iconic steakhouse Delmonico's is credited with developing the particular cut taken from the shorter side of the beef loin. Later on, the city's butchers began calling it a "New York Strip" due to its strong association with the restaurant. However, a few decades later, some people began calling the same cut a "Kansas City Strip."

As the World Series heats up — with Game 1 going to 14 innings — so does the debate about the name of this popular cut of beef. Some may try to differentiate the two by fat content, thickness, marinating technique, or inclusion of a bone; however, the truth of the matter is they are the same thing. Like many foods, what you call this particular slice of cow depends more on what part of the country you live in then a solid definition. While fans can't be sure whether Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium or New York's Citi Field will be the home of the next World Series champs, they can put their money on the steak debate raging on long after the kings of baseball are crowned.

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