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Watch Jimmy Fallon and Sandra Bullock Use Fake Arms to Cover Each Other With Ice Cream

Remember when the two starred in 'Jacob's Patience' together?

Sandra Bullock made an appearance on The Tonight Show Wednesday evening, where she reminisced about starring with host Jimmy Fallon on totally real (read: not real at all) Canadian TV series Jacob's Patience. The show centered around Bullock, owner of an ice cream shop, and Fallon, a customer. The only problem: Bullock apparently was a hand model for Ring Pop at the time and her arms were insured, so she and the rest of the cast had to use fake mannequin arms.

As one might imagine, using fake, plastic arms, which are quite rigid, to scoop ice cream isn't easy. Bullock makes it work, but not before she makes a mess of the set, Fallon, and herself. Watch this video to get a load of slapstick comedy at its finest.