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Gay Couple Claims They Were Asked to Leave Restaurant During Their Anniversary Dinner

Apparently a customer complained when the couple held hands.


Two men celebrating their anniversary claim they were asked to leave a Dublin restaurant. According to the Irish Examiner, one of men — who wishes to remain anonymous — says the couple was "holding hands and looking into each other's eyes" while dining. However, during the meal a waiter came over and told the couple that "customers at another table were complaining" and suggested the couple "stop showing each other physical affection."

The man says they asked for a manager who had a similar suggestion, but added that he "had no problem with gay people." The manager insisted the couple leave and said that he wouldn't charge them for their meal. The man says that as they were exiting the restaurant, "feeling humiliated," a woman at one of the nearby tables "said the word ‘disgusting.'"

In an anonymous letter to the Gay Community News, the man expressed his disappointment at the situation: "We like to think of Ireland as a place where gay people are fully accepted and respected, especially since the landslide passing of the same-sex marriage referendum, but if my experience last week is anything to go by, this is still a surface image."

This is unfortunately not the first time a gay couple has been asked to leave a restaurant. Earlier this year, a bar in London ejected two men for publicly kissing. A friend of the couple who witnessed the incident wrote that they were asked to leave because "they had been seen kissing and that was offensive to the general people at the bar." Just days before that in New York City, a gay couple was horrifically beaten at a local restaurant chain.