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Tickets for René Redzepi's Noma Australia Go on Sale Soon

The 10-week pop-up runs from January 26 until April 2, 2016.

René Redzepi foraging for seaweed in Tasmania.
René Redzepi foraging for seaweed in Tasmania.
Jason Loucas

Foraging fans and big spenders take note: Copenhagen-based chef René Redzepi will release seats for his Noma Australia pop-up very soon. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, October 30, at 10 a.m. AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). For those in the U.S. that's 7 p.m. EDT or 4 p.m. PDT today, Thursday, October 29.

As previously reported, Redzepi is packing up his Michelin-starred, much lauded Danish restaurant and moving it to Sydney, Australia for the first part of 2016. By way of explanation, the chef said in July, "Since my first trip to Australia several years ago I've been wanting to spend more time there — exploring, tasting, and understanding its ingredients." But this is also perhaps a way for Noma to reach a new audience as Redzepi builds anticipation for his next act: A new Noma, built upon a working urban farm, set to open in 2017. Noma in its current iteration will cease to exist as of New Year's Eve 2016.

Noma Australia will serve lunch and dinner each week, Tuesday through Saturday. Reservations for all tables will be released at the same time; diners can reserve tables of two, four, six, or eight. Noma Australia is priced at AUD$485 per person (plus 1.66 percent credit card fee) or just over USD$343. Beverage pairings (alcoholic or non) — composed solely of wines and drinks made in Australia — are available for an additional fee. Noma Australia is using TOCK for booking.

Earlier this year, Noma popped up in Tokyo for two-months and the novelty of the dishes coupled with the near impossibility of getting a reservation pretty much turned the food world upside down. Redzepi isn't the first chef to pop-up down under. This past February British chef Heston Blumenthal transported his Fat Duck restaurant from its home in Bray, England to Melbourne, Australia for six months. The media attention it attracted was sensational. Next year, Alinea — chef Grant Achatz's Chicago atelier — will pop-up in Madrid.

Noma, Fat Duck, and Alinea are all well-respected, boundary pushing restaurants with international acclaim, which is why they can first afford to close their home base (either to remodel or reconfigure), and second charge more — often much more — for these pop-up menus. Here's a break down of the prices diners have paid or will pay for these mega pop-ups.